Colloquia and Conferences


Agri Futures Conference - 26th September 2016

The entire NexGenAgriChem cohort was involved in organising a student-led Chemical Biology International Conference that took place at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s venue in London’s Piccadilly.

The Agri Futures Conference focused on the gap between the Physical and Agri-Sciences and involved speakers from three key areas of chemical biology: bioinformatics, biophysics and proteomics.

This meeting hosted talks from researchers at Cellzome (GSK) and The University of Tubingen (Germany); the University of Trento (Italy), Wageningen University (Netherlands) and the University of Oxford (UK). The students also co-hosted a panel discussion involving high profile academics, policy makers and industry researchers debating whether young people are underrepresented in agriculture.

Chemical Biology Winter School and Visiting Professorship Scheme

The Chemical Biology Winter School and the Visiting Professorship Scheme were two week-long events held in parallel where talks, panel discussions and bespoke workshops were hosted, provided by senior researchers from European institutes (e.g EMBL (Germany); TUM (Germany); IBM (USA); VIB (Belgium) and Lancaster University (UK)).
This was coupled with a panel discussion investigating the visiting professors’ thoughts on topics including “labs of the future”, “citizen science” and “the growing importance of multidisciplinary research in academia”.


These one day events take place each June/July at Imperial and provide the researchers with additional opportunities to showcase their work to one another. These social as well as scientific events,  provide ideal opportunities for networking.