Credit: Courtesy of Syngenta

The aim of the NexGenAgriChem programme is to train a generation of some of the best young scientists in an internationally renowned interdisciplinary environment that will bring the skills of the physical scientist to the challenges of plant sciences research. The doctoral training programme was directed squarely at physical science graduates who wanted to contribute at the leading edge of research in the agri-sciences through application of the specialised training they had already attained within their primary discipline.

The NexGenAgriChem programme relies on active participation of the private sector, in particular Syngenta - with each of the 13 Early Stage Researchers on the programme being co-supervised by Syngenta as well as Imperial College researchers. 



  • To produce a cohort of world-class multidisciplinary researchers for academic and industrial research.
  • To support a new wave of physical scientists working at the cutting edge of the physical science / agri-science interface bringing a quantitative physical-chemical approach to selected problems.
  • To provide the first step in training the research leaders of the future.